Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stop Doing the Math. It's Making You Nuts!

On the rocks in Hawaii.

I have so many habits I want to grow out of it's almost hard to know where to start. Oh, I know, how about my fun new mathematical tick of calculating the age difference between me and whatever celeb captures my momentary attention. Oh! Ashton Kutcher is 3 years, I have 7 years on Gaga, Sandra Bullock is 15 years older (also, can I please age like her?!).

Honestly, on a day to day basis, the math practice is probably good for me. Like handwriting, it's surprising how easy basic addition and subtraction skills can get rusty with lack of use. But, I mean, what the hell? It's like when I turned 30, I went a little bit - more - bonkers.

Growing older never really bothered me, and, to an extent, I don't know that it actually bothers me now - in theory. I mean, the overall lack of opportunity afforded to people as they age in our society is  terrifying, especially when you don't know if you've found your way in life yet (and who has, really?).
But, I think the real show stopper for me was the general lack of time. Not my own, but with my parents and grandparents.

I'm super close to my family; growing up in a tight-knit Midwestern clan. I'm also an only child and a good friend with both my mom and dad. For an easy-to-calculate glimpse at how quickly time flies and a realistic look at the number of years left to enjoy your loved ones, 30 is the perfect age. A little grim, sure, but that's life.

So, my goal is to stop caring where I fall chronologically on the pages of US Weekly and over-analyzing time's bitchiness, and start enjoying the gift I have in my family. Forget petty grievances, forgive all shortcomings, never miss an opportunity to just chat, and grab hold of every adventure and experience with the people I love every day. Never take time for granted.

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