Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh, Blessed Italian Desserts

Yeah, French and candy, but it's late.

Holy cannoli, I've been lazy with posting. Which totally goes against my promise to myself when starting this blog that I would keep it up - walk it, feed it and make sure it always felt loved. And, just like a rather unfortunate string of hamsters I had in the 90s, I turned my back and found new exciting projects to pursue.

Only, not really, because said projects were just work, and it wasn't so much new and shiny adventure as much as a bit of office melodrama and an admittedly minor mental breakdown by yours truly. Ever second guess your entire life over a meeting at a bad Chinese food restaurant? I'm sure everyone has.

No worries, though, I've decided to viciously shove that little slice of niggling worry to the place memory forgot and pretend that it doesn't exist. Hopefully saying this won't find me curled up in a ball a month from now sobbing uncontrollably into an aged carton of ice cream, watching Cake Boss and wishing I could just learn how to make really kick ass cannoli. Because everything is always better if you can bake stuff.

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